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Iloved DMB so badly that I convinced my best friend to take me to see Dave.
So we took her Dad`s car ( she informed him we were going to a amusment park
for the day) and grabbed my other friend who dispised Dave.
First all the money we had was rolled pennies and maybe sixty in cash. So,
we figured we`d use the cash for tix and pennies for gas, food, etc.
The first gas station we stopped at near Raleigh, wouldn`t take the rolled
pennies and called the cops on us. They let us go after we finally gave up
the 7.50 in cash Then we got to the town Dave was in, got lost, almost
wreaked and finally found a supermarket with tix and they accepted the
pennies:) Then we went to the pavillion. While drinking and one friend
smoking some bud, in the tailgating feista, four undercover cops came up to
us and gave us all tickets for a court apperance back in Raleigh. They were
nice enough to let us go ahead to the concert. We had a great time and
afterwards realized we didn`t  have enough for a hotel room. So we met some
kids who invited us to crash at their dorm about an hour from the pavillion.
Well, we partied with them but after these kids realized we weren`t going to
put out, they kicked us out. So we slept in the parking lot and headed home
around six the next morning. We got home safely and did our court thing the
following year. It`s all in the past now and the three of us still talk
about that trip and how stupid we were. It was worth it and I have a ticket
that has Dave Matthews Concert written in place for the scene of the crime.
I really want to give it to Dave:) I hope this story was enjoyed.

                                        -Amy Robinson from VA!!!