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It's Thursday night and i have just rolled into town, i have just 
rolled into town after a very long 300 mile trip.  I have and hour
to get ready.  No big deal. i decide that i am going to wear mark's
shirt call it a tribute plus it looks better on me than him.  I have 
to start the nite out right.  2 triple captain and cokes please! drink
them on the way to mark's house. we pick the rest of the party up, 12 
in all we have a nice dinner at Kat Man Du.  1 rum runner please! 
everybody is packing them 
down including mark!  dinner was great.  jon the manager buys a round 
of rumplemintz, and pulls out 12 passes. open bar 1 hour.  poor jen the 
bartender, we need 12 surfer's on acid!!!!  i had 4 more rum runners, 4 
shots, daquiri, i feel good, MARK IS TOAST! that's it he is flagged.
hour is up so we head up to main bar!!!  we run into bob's college 
buddy linda! we definitely partying hardcore.  finally we pile into the
cars and head into philly! Delihah's Den!!!! big "nightclub" in the 
city, after working our way around the city we finally get near the 
place and mark comments that he isnt feeling good, quick open the door,
 BLAH, all over Dave's leg.