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Palo Alto, CA  Memorial Auditorium

Last show of the Fall tour at Stanford University last night. Check out
the encore...

Finding Me
All of You -> Sweet Emmotion tease
All Right Now (Free Cover)
Best I Ever Had
Heart in Hand
On the Sea
Send It Up
Wash Away (w/ My Favorite Things)
Everything You Want
We Are

Teenage Wasteland->
All Along the Watchtower->
Absolutely (Story of a Girl)->
Everything You Want->
You're A God

Entire encore with Nine Days

For the Encore, 9 Days came back out (again; during the set John came
out in a skirt and earlier on one of the guys came out with his shirt
over his head and a fake head attached between his legs) and they
basically just fooled around for like 5-10 min.  Matt and John sang each
others' songs and harmonized, they played the same guitar; somehow
everyone ended up playing "All Along the Watchtower" and Matt busted out
with the Top Gun theme...  It was entirely random.  I was row two and it
was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had.  (Especially because I
got Matt to give me the setlist ;D).  Finally they all busted out
"You're a God," and then popped open some champagne (and tossed some
over the front section).  An AMAZING show...