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3/18/99 Forside Door- St. Louis MO setlist: We Are Fragments Everything You Want Japan You're a God Fast Car->Wash Away->Great Divide-> WA On the Sea Unchosen One Life in the City Send it Up Famous Heart in Hand (original version) Encore: Liberty Man who would be Santa From: bifrojm@SLU.EDU > new news. matt told me tonight that the new album will have no previously released tunes. he told me heart and hand isn't ready yet. keith told me that although glass waltz won't be on this album, it will definitely be on a future one. the guys were really excited about the possibilities of the album. they enjoyed playing together. sean and matt really get into it together. the whole band hung out and talked to the fans after the show. they also said that early RCA rep's versions of the new CD are circulating around. they said you can make copies if you promise to buy it when it comes out. i should have a copy in a week or two. on fast car/wash away/great divide both played electric. that was the only song i noticed that. the electric guitar really suits that song. i also noticed that sean plays a 5 string bass. he really meshes well with the band. ed plays really well with the boys too. the crowd was really into them. there were about 15 teeny boppers who came to see pat mcgee band. they along with the rest of PMB fans really enjoyed the VH set. PMB was alright. no one stood up for them though. as soon as VH came on, the front of the floor was filled with people and lots of people were dancing. nothing extremely flashy tonight just a great show. i'm excited to get an early copy of the CD. if anyone has boots to trade, i'd be happy to trade boots for the new CD.