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                  By Carla Hay, 
                   February 7, 2000. 

                   Vertical Horizon Gets 'Everything' It 

                   NEW YORK -- Don't tell Vertical Horizon lead 
                   singer/songwriter Matt Scannell that being on a major 
                   label is a bad thing. In fact, he says, being on a major 
                   label is the "best thing" that has happened to Vertical 

                   That may be because after 
                   self-releasing three albums, 
                   the rock band with roots in 
                   Cape Cod, Mass., is 
                   experiencing its first 
                   mainstream breakthrough 
                   with "Everything You Want," 
                   the group's major-label debut album on RCA Records. 

                   RCA's commitment to developing Vertical Horizon, 
                   combined with steady touring and growing airplay for the 
                   album's title track, are the key reasons industry insiders 
                   believe more people are starting to notice Vertical 

                   Scannell says enthusiastically, "We have a wonderful 
                   team in place at RCA and [RCA distributor] BMG. 
                   Being on a major label has made all the difference in the 
                   world. Before, when we [self-released] our albums, we 
                   had to spend so much time worrying about if there were 
                   enough CDs and T-shirts to sell at our shows. The best 
                   thing about being on a major label is now we can bring 
                   the focus back to our songwriting and musicianship." 

                   "Everything You Want" entered the Billboard 
                   Heatseekers chart at No. 35 in the July 3, 1999, issue. 
                   Over the next several months, the album had a steady 
                   presence on the chart and eventually peaked at No. 3 in 
                   the Jan. 29 issue. "Everything You Want" achieved 
                   Heatseekers Impact status when it rose from No. 115 to 
                   No. 92 on The Billboard 200 in the Feb. 5 issue. The 
                   album stands at No. 75 this issue. 

                   Scannell says, "Being on RCA has also meant that we're 
                   getting played on the radio, which makes an incredible 
                   difference: We've seen our album sales and audience 
                   attendance jump." He adds with a laugh, "We were on 
                   Casey Kasem's [nationally syndicated "American Top 
                   40"] radio show, and that just blew us away." 

                   "We Are," the album's first single, reached No. 21 on the 
                   Modern Rock Tracks chart last year. The follow-up 
                   single, the album's title track, is proving to be a 
                   multi-format hit, having made an impact on several 
                   charts, including Modern Rock Tracks, Top 40 Tracks, 
                   Hot 100 Airplay, Top 40 Adult, and The Billboard Hot 
                   100. This issue, the song is No. 14 on the Modern Rock 
                   Tracks chart and No. 46 on the Hot 100. 

                   In addition, VH1 has selected Vertical Horizon to be 
                   part of the network's Inside Track promotion, which 
                   spotlights new and developing artists. VH1 currently has 
                   the "Everything You Want" video among its 10 
                   most-played clips, according to Broadcast Data 
                   Systems. MTV, the Box, and MuchMusic are also 
                   playing the video. Vertical Horizon is scheduled to tape 
                   an appearance on "The Late Late Show With Craig 
                   Kilborn" on Feb. 21. 

                   Vertical Horizon's burgeoning commercial success 
                   comes after several years of establishing an 
                   underground following, particularly in such East Coast 
                   cities as Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C., 
                   where the band members have been based over the 
                   years. Part of developing that grass-roots following 
                   included Vertical Horizon releasing three independent 
                   albums: 1992's "There And Back Again," 1995's 
                   "Running On Ice," and 1997's "Live Stages." 

                   The band -- which, along with Scannell, consists of 
                   guitarist/vocalist Keith Kane, bass player Sean Hurley, 
                   and drummer Ed Toth -- is on a U.S. tour and is 
                   performing some dates with Stroke 9. 

                   The mainstream exposure for Vertical Horizon has 
                   resulted in a noticeable change in the band's audience, 
                   according to Scannell. "For a long time, we had a 
                   college-age crowd. But since this record's been getting 
                   airplay, we're getting more young kids in our audience." 

                   Meanwhile, Scannell says of his hopes for the future, 
                   "I'd love to keep playing bigger venues, and I'd love to do 
                   stuff internationally. But most importantly, I'd like to 
                   write better songs. We're very proud of all of our songs, 
                   but I don't want to have one hit and just go away. We've 
                   been doing this long enough that I think we'll be around 
                   for a while. It's important to appreciate the moment and 
                   enjoy where we are, but if I lived my life worrying about 
                   when our next hit's going to happen, I'd lead a pretty 
                   empty life."