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Welcome to my Vertical Horizon page! This should answer any questions that you have about the band or get you on you way. I graduated from VH favorite place Guilford College and have seen them play in Winston-Salem, Chapel Hill, Philadelphia, Greensboro, Raleigh, over 15 concerts in all. Even drove through a hurricane to watch the shows when Live Stages was recorded.

I need the setlists that you have, so I can add them to the Vault,

My guestbook is up and running again so please leave me a messsage for quicker response though, email me <


We Are D'load Interview D'load Running on Ice D'load Live Stages D'load

With the Web Ring Join as soon as you can.  
Just wanted to make sure that you know a few of the details
1. This must be a VH page, not your homepage where pictures of the boys
are next to stories of how your mom beat you as a child.
2. The Web Ring must be on the main page not buried somewhere, this 
just makes it easier.  
3. When it says _id_#_ you put the number that Webring sends you, if not 
the ring doesn't work.  
4. I will get more selective as time moves on and will check all pages 
about once every 3 months to make sure that they are up to date.  
no bigs, if you have a prob email me 

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