Cajun House, Scottsdale, AZ

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You're A God
Send it up
Wash Away
We Are

hi all, well, i'm ecstatic to give my first ever concert review. on thursday night at the cajun house in scottsdale, i would dare to say that a ziggy's-like concert was put on. i was so impressed. keep in mind that i was going in expecting to pretty much be the only person in the club that wanted to see vh. i was really wrong. the boys came out and the crowd initially was very loud. the set list was basically the same as in atlanta, except switch "wash away" with "heart in hand." the crowd singing along was unbelievable. if y'all haven't been to a concert recently, "send it up" is the designated crowd sing-a-long song and let me say that we were awesome. after getting some recent bootlegs hearing crowds trying to sing "send it up," i didn't know if this was really the best song for that, but send it up rocked. then "wash away" was easily the highlight in my book. it wasn't a 12 minute jam like on live stages, but it was definitely their longest song. Matt broke into the "these are a few of my favorite things" jam and the whole crowd sang "these are a few of my favorite things!" once that part came around i was so impressed. after that and before they started EYW, matt just backed up and i saw him say "damn" on account of the amazing crowd noise. after "we are," i was hoping for an encore, but i found that they're only allowed 45 minute sets during the west coast swing. so the show was awesome and we left the club to go meet the band. that was really fun. keith was the first to come out and i just introduced myself and before i knew it, i was exchanging jokes with keith kane. it was great. sean came out next and was very cool cuz he actually walked over to our group and was like "what's going on, guys." he totally remembered all of our names too. i was quite impressed. we talked w/ matt for a little while too and i told him that i and my roommate did "heart in hand" for the vh tribute album and he said thanks and that was cool. and ed was great cuz we were just shooting the shit about movies and stuff for a while, but it as time to leave shortly after. all in all, one of my best concert experiences ever. and if anyone got this far into my letter, email me for a b&p of up to 4 of my shows listed at the web site below. thanks for reading! Later Luke _________________________________________________ home page: http://members.aol.com/ljembpmb/home.html aim: ljuacats icq #: 3782676 email: luke@jeffersoncommons.net, ljembpmb@aol.com