just got back from the show. very good in my opinion, but a little short I 
thought. they played 12 songs. six from ROI and six from EYW 

I don't remember the exact order, but here are the songs. 

Heart In Hand 
Wash Away 
Everything You Want 
Send It Up 
We Are 
You're A God 
Best I Ever Had 

my personal highlights were Candyman, the Jesse's girl intro to We Are, a little 
Stroke 9 tease in Wash Away and Matt forgetting the words to Santa in the 
encore.I wasn't terribly impressed with Stroke 9 and missed, the first band, 
Radford.  the crowd seemed to know a lot of the older, stuff which was great. 
the people I was with needed to get back, so I, can't tell you about any meet 
and greet stories, but there were a lot of, younger looking girls standing 
around the Stroke 9 bus afterwards. 
-by Derek Smith