Craig Kilborne Show
Los Angelas, CA

I transcribed the interview as best as I could for you:

Craig:  So, uh, the band is called Vertical Horizon... and only you are
miked (looking at Matt), so you guys will have to sit there and look at
us. What is your name, sir?

Matt:  I'm Matt Scannell
Craig:  And you're the lead singer?
Matt:  Yeah, I sing.
C:  And how big are you guys? You guys are huge now?
M: Yeah, we're HUGE, yeah. (laughter from audience)
C:  The song is what number?
M:  I think it's 15 on the top 40 right now.
C:  ...with a bullet.
M:  Yes, (applause) Thank you.
C:  How long you guys been around? Where you guys from?
M:  Well, Keith and I met down at Georgetown University in '91.
C:  Were you going to school or were you at the bars there?
M:  Yeah, well we went to school. Yeah.
C:  You went to Georgetown. And you guys have been playing for eight
years...nine years together?
M:  Yeah, about that. Yeah.
C:  What is this... what is this? I'm looking at some of these songs
here (viewing the CD back cover), and the big one is called Every Thing
You Want. 
M:  Right
C:  Number two, You're A God. 
M:  Yeah.
C:  What is all that about?
M:  Uh, that's about YOU, actually. (audience laughter and applause)
C:  So, that's the one you'll release like three or four in after
they've kinda quieted down. Then you guys release THAT one. And then
your careers over.
M:  Yeah, We just want to come back. We just want to come back here.
C:  Thanks for being here. I'm proud of you guys, and just because I
like you so much. We've done something. they didn't know we were going
to do this. This is a surprise. We've got some gold statuettes for you
guys. There you go.
M:  Yeah, OH MAN. Thank you.
C:  (Passing out the statuettes to Matt, Keith, Ed and Sean) That one's
been eaten there. Congratulations.

I want that shirt that Matt is wearing. Looked good with those leather

Don't forget they're on Donnie and Marie on Thursday, March 23rd. It
airs at 4:00 pm in the Dallas market.

See ya' Thursday night at TREES.

Raymond Garcia