Trees - Dallas TX

Finding Me
Heart In Hand
You're A God
Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)
On The Sea
Send It Up
Wash Away
Everything You Are

We Are
(Rain) The Man Who Would Be Santa


The guys rocked and the Dallas crowd felt it. From Finding Me to Santa,
Matt, Keith, Sean and Ed shared their hearts with those attending Trees
last night.

I had the hardest time finding a place to take pictures of the guys on
stage with all the bodies crammed so close together. It was really
difficult to move around in there, so I dealt with where I was and
enjoyed the show. The front of the stage was packed with the "younger"
crowd as these newbies sang along with the new songs but weren't quite
as knowledgeable with the older stuff. We got a fair share of old and
new stuff...especially the 11-15 minute version of Wash Away. It still
sounds SO good LIVE. Gotta love it.

On another note, my information was wrong on their appearance on the
Donnie and Marie Show, so I apologize for leading you in the wrong
direction. But look for them in the near future.

Friday night: on to Bryan/College Station to the North by Northgate gig.
I'm there with cameras in hand, so look for me to take your picture as
I'm photographing VERTICAL HORIZON on stage.

Hope you were there for this great show. I believe the setlist is
complete. Please correct me if I am wrong. Look for new VH pics coming
up on my webpages.