April 17, 2000 West VA Wesleyan College Finding Me You're a God Candyman Heart in Hand Japan Best I Ever Had Shackled Send It Up Washed Away Everything You Want We Are The Man Who Would Be Santa i went to the west virginia wesleyan show last night, and i must admit i was somewhat disappointed. in some ways, though, the crowd was more disappointing than the band. i thought that since they were the headliners that i would hear some more old vh...not quite so. and the crowd didnt know a single word, other than EYW. matt threw a couple audience participation things into the mix, and unfortunately they bombed because nobody knew any of the words! (not even from the latest album) i was crushed into the front with a mass of high school and college "kids" who were more concerned about passing people overhead and jumping up and down to songs like YAG. and on top of that, the band was nowhere to be seen, at least from what i could tell, after the show. so needless to say, i never got to speak with them...c'est la vie, i suppose. these are the sacrifices made to popularity. it was disappointing that the band had such freedom as the headliners, and they were only on for 1 1/2 hours. but i have to say i was happy that keith was given almost "equal time." submitted by courtney