Duquense Univ.
Pittsburgh PA

Sound Check:
Everything You Want
Glass Waltz

Finding Me
You're a God
Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)
Glass Waltz
Send It Up
Wash Away
We Are

The Concert Was awesome, almost got kicked out cause VHs promoters
voided their contract (no flash photography, was posted and mine didn't
go off, but they changed it to no photography at all for the hell of it)
sorry, just venting.  But any ways, Josh Beaumont and i were the only
ones that knew all the other words besides Everything you want.  It was
cool to be able to go to a concert with all my friends. Requested Glass
Waltz in the afternoon and heard it twice, once in the sound check and a
second time at the concert.  Now they all know what i've been talkin
bout for these past couple years.  The band was cool, stayed after and
bullshitted bout stuff.  Got put on the guest list for fridays show back
home in Jersey at Trade Winds to i'm ready for that.  I'll throw it over
to Josh for the rest.

Hope Everything is right and makes sense

submitted by matt schneider