Sea Bright, NJ

Finding Me (Find)
You're A God (God)
Fragments (Frag)
Best I Ever Had/Grey Sky Morning (Best)
Shackles (Shaq)
Send it Up (Send)
Wash Away (Wash)
Everything You Want (EYW)
We Are (We R)
The Man Who Would Be Santa (Santa)

I went to the aforementioned show and enjoyed myself quite a bit. Got stuck
next to a big speaker the entire time, but hey, that's what happens when you
arrive not so early.  I thought they performed well, I always enjoy seeing
them live for they usually put on a good show. I was fortunate to snag the
band's set list because some nice security guard let me have it. I loved when
Matt let the crowd play his guitar and the band slapped/shaked everyone's
hand in the front. That was exciting...But here's the set list, in the order
they wrote it out and with the codes they apparently use next to them in

submitted byBrooke Rehmann

So I went to the show at The Tradewinds last night and let me first start by saying that the sound was brutal......it wasn't the band fault though. I would 3/4 of the set involved feedback from Sean's bass guitar, it sounded horrible and half the notes he was playing were way off.....it was quiet annoying considering that the two bands that played before them had decent sound. I don't know what the problem was, but it made the band sound like crap. I don't understand why these sounds guys can't get their crap together. As for the show, it was decent aside from the sound problems. The setlist went something like this, just note that these aren't in order at least not after the first two and I'm not really sure about the older songs (Live Stages)...but here goes: I believe that is it, like I said some of the older tunes may be wrong....I left my Live Stages CD at work so I can't check right now....I wonder why the don't do Miracle live at all???? Such a good tune.....the highlight of the night was definitely Best I Ever Had, everyone was singing along, he even let us all sing by ourselves....very cool.......1st time seeing them and I would rate it at about a 7 out of 10......the sound could've been sooooo much better. submitted by chris morita