Cincinnati, Ohio

finding me
you're a god
heart in hand
best i ever had
send it up
wash away
everything you want
we are

ok, so my friends and i just rolled back home from the show. great overall performance. very
solid and consistant show, no disappointments at all. there were a TON of people there who only
knew the songs off of EYW, but such is life i guess. kinda disappointing when they broke into
santa and heart in hand and we were the only 4 idiots singing every word of every song. ah well.

the fans........ugh. drunken bastards who want nothing other than to fight you because you got
there before they did and therefore had a better view. no offense to any of you kids out there,
but there were a bunch of like 15-16 year old girls screaming like they'd never done before.

submitted by Avi