metropol, Pittsburgh

finding me
you're a god
heart in hand
best i ever had
send it up
wash away
everything you want
we are

good show.  we got there late cause of mom's day. half way towards the end 
of Heart In Hand.  I took a vh virgin and she absolutely loved it.   there 
stage presense has definitely increased.  typically in the past the crowds 
all knew the songs but now with people still being a little unsure of all 
the words, matt is doing a little more talking to get the crowd into it.  
some new guitar rifts and intros

weirdest thing of  the nite, vh concert from 830-945.  i am leaving a vh 
concert at 945. what happened to the days of walking out of a concert at 2 
am, struggling to stay awake.  and there was this girl looking for 
autographs and I dont think that she was older than 10.  I waited around to 
talk to matt after the show and it is amazing how immature some people were. 
some older lady went "me first" .

As an athletic trainer, I've worked with some athletes that are "famous" and 
the consensus is when they come out to talk to people they hate shovy pushy 
people.  be respectful, usually they boys are extremely easy going and will 
stay around and sign everybody's items.  just be patient or it will be 
ruined for everyone.