5/26/00 Town Point Park, Norfolk, VA

Finding Me
You're A God
Best I Ever Had
Send It Up
Wash Away
Everything You Want
We Are
The Man Who Would Be Santa

Really good show, and I was glad to hear a few songs from ROI in the
mix.  Best of all, it was free!  Biggest VH crowd I've seen, Matt
commented that "there's a lot of you out there."  The only disappointing
part was when about 1/3 of the crowd left after "Everything You Want,"
but it was probably past their bedtime.  Long extended jam during "Wash
Away," with a good solo by Sean.  I haven't been checking reviews
lately, but I had heard complaints about the band playing mostly songs
from EYW, and that the sound was pretty much straight from the studio
versions.  So the jam with a Sean solo and the ROI songs were very
welcome.  And Keith is getting more time in the spotlight, which is also
great!  I was pleased with what I saw tonight, and the guys really
seemed to be enjoying themselves too.
submitted by Brain Sprague