June 1st, 2000  Q95.5 Qtopia
Fox Theater, Detroit

1. Finding Me
2. Your A God
3. Shackled
4. Send It Up
5. Everything You Want
6. We Are

Tonight show was just how I expected it to be since it was a Radio show.  The
order of the bands that played tonight went like this:  DBQ(something like
that), Mandy Moore, Vertical Horizon, Jessica Simpson, Hanson, Macy Gray.
Vertical Horizon was by far the best band there and gave off the most energy
to the crowd.  The highlight for me had to be Shackled, I did not even think
Keith would get to sing one of his songs tonight, but I am glad he did
because he did a great job.  Overall Vertical Horizon did a good job, they
gave off great energy to the crowd and got all the little kids pumped up for
Hanson.  I can not wait to see Vertical Horizon with Third Eye Blind, that
should be a great show.

Posted By:  Michael Hadgis