June 24, 2000 Sandstone Amphitheatre Bonner Springs, Kansas Finding Me You're A God Shackled Everything You Want We Are All in all, it was a pretty vanilla show. And exactly as I expected it would be; with a predictable setlist. The guys played a 25-30 minute set in a huge day long radio station sponsored concert that included 13 other acts. The only notable performers aside from Vertical Horizon were Train, Bon Jovi, and 3eb. The radio station dj that announced VH really gave them some much deserved credit by saying that their CD was a must-have; and that if they didn't yet have it, run out and buy it! With nearly everyone in attendance standing, the guys took stage a little after 5pm. For probably 30-60 seconds before and while they walked out and took their positions, a synthetic beat played; and then they went straight into Finding Me. By the time the song was 1/2 over, most everyone was sitting back down. And sat they did, until the band started in Everything You Want; and then everyone was back up on their feet. From what I could tell, few if any sang along; though Matt did a good job of talking to the crowd and getting them to clap. As they started into Shackled, Matt introduced Keith to the crowd, which I thought was pretty cool. This might have been the only song in which Keith played his acoustic guitar. Matt also made it a point to let everyone know that You're A God is the new single; and that the single for Everything You Want is in stores on 06-27-200. Ed had a pretty cool drum "thing" he did near the end of Finding Me. Aside from that and an extended instrumental during Shackled, the other songs were played more or less as they are on the CD. Few surprises here; and no complaints. submitted by Manuch Sadri