7.8.00 Lienie Lodge- Summerfest- Milwaukee WI Finding me All of you Heart in Hand Japan Best I ever had On the sea You're a god Wash away>Fav things Everything you want We are E: Man who would be Santa Send it up The guys were supposed to do a signing at 7:15pm but they were busy walking around thhe festival grounds and got to the tent about 15 mins late. Thus disappointing many fans when the 7:15-8pm time slot was up. I over heard some of the autograph tent workers refer to the guys as "assholes". Said they acted pompous when they were told to get to the autograph tent by 7:15pm. The crowd starting forming at the stage at 5:30 pm. The show didn't start til 10pm! Now, THAT is hardcore fans!! Despite out incessant chants and signs for 'Famous' the boys were adamant not to play it. They kept shaking our heads at us and then flat out told us "no" during the show. *sigh* Anyway, Sean had an amazing solo during "wash away". The crowd was very much into it even though barely anyone knew the words. But that's okay. All and all, it was an average show. It was fun. Later- Gina