07/28/00 Jones Beach Amph. - Wantagh, NY 1) Finding Me 2) You're a God 3) Best I Ever Had 4) Shackled (with a short, sort of percussive intro by Matt) 5) Send it Up 6) Wash Away (w/ My Favorite Things, w/o bass solo) 7) Everything You Want 8) We Are The set was pretty good... the crowd was absolutely pathetic though, even when 3eb came out. I was there for VH to be honest, but I was one of few. I was thrilled to hear personal favorites like shackled and wash away; both were well done considering the timeframe of being an opener. The intro to shackled, by the way, was done by matt, and was quick. He plucked the top string on the guitar, the most bass string (whichever note that is), and then smacked the back of the body, up above the strings, above where you strum it. Hopefully that makes sense--I'm not a guitarist so I don't know all the lingo :) It had sort of a percussive effect, was repeated for like 30 seconds, and then Keith came in with the usual opening riff and lyrics. At the end of the 3eb show Matt (and Splender's lead singer) came out to do a song with them... "Should I Stay or Should I Go". It sounded familiar, even though I'm not a 3eb fan, and one of my friends (who is a 3eb fan) told me it's a cover. It was the first song in 3eb's four song encore. Thanks, Casey