07/30/00 Wallingford, CT   Oakdale Theatre

The setlist was:
Finding Me
All of You
You're A God
Best I Ever Had
Send It Up
Everything You Want
We Are

I went to the VH show at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford tonight...

It was my first VH show, and while they certainly weren't the most exciting
band I've ever seen, they were still good...  That said, the songs were
pretty much sounding just like they do on the CD, they just extended a few of
the endings, had the crowd sing the last chorus in "Everything You Want",
etc. etc.  Only major difference is that they're playing "We Are" in a lower
key, it's in b-flat minor instead of c minor now.

Pretty standard issue, in comparison to other recent setlists...  I was
personally hoping for a jammed out version of "Wash Away" to be played
tonight, but alas, it wasn't to be...

Let me know if you want any of my other humble impressions of this show...