Setlist for 8/15/00 - Columbus, GA. 

This show was NOT publized very well...but did exist.  The setlist is 
right, but the order may be sightly off... 

Finding Me 
All of You 
Your A G-d 
Grey Sky Morning 
Send It up 
Everything You Want 
We Are 

Quick Review:  The show was great and the band was very energetic.  They 
seem to be kinda warn down playing the same 7 or 8 songs 
everynight.  Talking to Ed after the show confirmed that.  Tonight they got 
to thrown in All of You and that was a good change.  Point to note... Keith 
had guitar trouble all night, and of course when he was supposed to start 
singing Shackled... However, Matt stepped up and started singing...making 
it about 2 lines before screwing up the verse... The whole band laughed and 
had a great time playing it off... The whole band kicked back to normal 
with Keith singing " Let me introduce you...."