8.16.00 Oak Mountain Amp. Pelham, AL Finding Me, All of You, You're A God, Grey Sky Morning, Shackled, Send It Up EYW, We Are. No encore, dammit! I would double check these with someone else since I'm really tired right now and I may be hallucinating or something. Nine Days was actually very good, but 3eb completely sucked. I was horrified that the crowd was more into them than VH. We actually had to leave after 45 min. b/c they were so bad. VH did a good job and Matt had fun psyching the crowd up. There were some interesting intros to You're a God and Shackled. The crowd sang in Send it Up and EYW. Not a lot of people seemed to know the words (except to EYW), not to mention we were the only people standing up for the whole set in the second tier. Oh, well. The band had fun and so did I. What else? My brother noticed a slight reverb on Matt's voice when he sang alone. Odd. Sean sounds really good, the 3 part harmony is great, but he tends to drown out Keith. Keith kept having trouble with his guitar--at least 2 techies had to mess with his wires. I was annoyed that there were no old songs. I would have settled even for Japan, but oh, well. They did a great job, and I will definately see them again! Okay, I have no idea if you need this info or not, but here you go anyway. Take care, Stacey Abbott