Los Angeles, CA  Greek Theatre

Finding Me
All Of You
You're A God
Grey Sky Morning
Send It Up
Everything You Want
We Are -> Spirit of the Radio tease

Ok, a few comments.  I must say that All of You makes a nice addition 
to the magnificent seven/usual suspects.  I was glad to hear them
play it, but surprised to see that Keith played electric.  

We Are was great tonight.  I like the intro, first off.  Second, Matt 
switched guitars twice during the song, once because he broke a 
string.  Ed kept the beat, while Matt changed guitars right
before the bridge ("I get up sometimes..."), and as Ed was keeping
the beat, Matt said, "you can't f**king play with a broken string in 
the coolest part of the song."  And, they just went back into it. 
Busting in to the Rush cover was a great way to end the show (no 
words, just a quick tease with Matt doing some cool guitar work and 
Ed drumming like crazy).  

The crowd sucked tonight.  We were pretty much the only ones who
stood in the first 20 rows throughout the first 5 songs.  But, the 
band seemed really energetic (*much* more so than I expected) and 
there was some good interaction between them...A great time, even 
though I was not expecting too much.  Talked with Keith 
afterwards...such a cool guy :-)

Not impressed with Nine Days.  As far as 3eb goes, whatever.  I was 
really impressed with their drummer, especially on "wounded."

And last, some famous faces in the crowd tonight...I saw Tiffany
Amber Thiessen smoking outside before I entered.  Also, as we left, I 
saw the quarterback from The Waterboy (he's also one of the gay 
lawyers in Big Daddy). Anyway, a cool night, even though VH only 
played for about 40 minutes or so.

Thanks for listening,
Ryan A.