Sacramento Valley Amphitheater Aug. 27, 2000

Finding Me
You're A God
Grey Sky Morning
Send It Up
We Are

Hi everyone-
    I figured I'd fill everyone in on the setlist of the show tonight, since that's what'll be
broadcast tomorrow (well, Monday).  The setlist was normal, but the stage presence of the guys
just blew everyone away.  They've improved their stage presence so much even just since January,
it just amazes me.  Anyway, setlist:
    Shackled had an interesting harder intro . . . Most of it was pretty standard fare, I
think.  I mean, it was awesome to see them up there, and they were just so into it.  I'd
recommend watching it, I was right in the front of Keith, and I *know* there was a camera
directly on me at one point, but I don't know if that's the one they'll choose to show at that
time.  Anyway . . . if someone would please tape this show, I'd love to get it on tape, because
I was there.  I'm not entirely sure what time they'll play it, I think 5 pm on the East coast,
and at 5 pm Pacific time probably as well (which means that I have to miss it).  So, if you can
tape it for me, please do!  I can trade for the tape, I've gotten a lot more shows lately, just
let me know.  PLEASE!
    At any rate, I did make it backstage (I was told to say "THANKS BRENDA!" by the people who
let me go with them), and I talked with the guys for a while, I'll write more about that
tomorrow.  They did say they WILL be headlining late this fall, after a tour around Europe, and
they are VERY concerned with what people on here think.  Ok, I'm tired . . . I swear more on
these things tomorrow :)