11/3/00 House of Blues [took stage at 8:30p] Finding Me All of You Heart In Hand Japan Best I Ever Had Candyman Shackled On the Sea Wash Away Send It Up Everything You Want We Are ---------------- Encore: You Say You're A God [close at 11p] The guys put on a great show, had lots of energy, and the whole crowd was really receptive to them. My best friend came with me. He told me before the show that he really wasn't fired up at all going to the concert, namely because he said that he hears me playing their music ALL the time at the apartment. Afterwards, he told me that was the best concert he had ever been to and was quite impressed with their music, energy, and performance. I then exposed him to "Live Stages." :) Matt, if you're reading this . . . I was the guy directly right in front of you under the mic. Afterwards, I told you that I was on footprints . . . that was me. :) Kevin and Michelle, I looked for you both. :) Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet up but like I said I was up in the dead center front. I hope to see Vertical Horizon down here again soon. I have only one request next time --- "Sunrays & Saturdays" or "Great Divide." I was hoping that I would get a chance to hear it. Was a long shot but oh well, praying for the next time I'll get see them and possibility hear it. Anyway, thanks everyone. Take care and God Bless . . . - Ray