Here's the setlist from tonight's show at the Westport Playhouse in St. 
Louis, MO.  I'll write up a review of the show tomorrow.

took stage at 11:05pm
-Finding Me
-All of You
-Grey Sky Morning
-Send It Up
-Wash Away > Favorite Things
-We Are
-Everything You Want > classic rock tease (can't for the life of me remember 
what it is) > Top Gun Anthem tease >
-You're A God
set ended at 12:05

note: the setlist I grabbed from the stage has EYW before We Are.  Not sure 
if they switched `em; or if because I lost my pen halfway through the show 
that I remember them out of order.  Can anyone verify this?

It's time for bed,


ertical Horizon headlined the 2000 WVRV (101.1 The River) River of Toys 
concert; a benefit for the Marine Corps Reserve's Toys for Tots campaign.  
The three opening acts were the Javier Mendoza Band, Nina Gordon, and The 

I was relatively surprised at how smoothly the entire show ran.  I believe 
the doors opened at 7:00pm; and the first act began promptly at 7:30.  Both 
Javier Mendoza and Nina Gordon played 30 minute sets while The Corrs played 
for 45 minutes and VH for a full hour.  A 30-35 minute minute intermission 
separated the four acts.

The venue was like nothing I'd seen before.  For starters, it sat less than 
1200 people in four sections that completely surrounded the stage.  And the 
stage itself, maybe 20 foot in diameter, rotated a full 360 degrees 
throughout the entire show.  With the seat furthest from the stage only 
30-40 feet away and a rotating stage, there was literally not a bad seat in 
the house.  Sadly, Matt mentioned that this was supposedly the last concert 
for the Westport Playhouse.