Bronco Bowl, Dallas, TX

Finding Me
You're A God
Best I Ever Had (GSM) w/Cary Pierce
The Man Who Would Be Santa
Send It Up
Wash Away
Everything You Want
We Are

no encore

What a potpourri of music we in the DFW metroplex experienced as the
Bronco Bowl was filled with superb musicians.

Starting in the Canyon Club, the Jay Quinn Band (on AWARE 8 Compilation
to be released soon) started off the evening playing songs from their
two independent discs (one of which Cary Pierce produced). Followed by
the Tiffany Shea band, the night was just beginning to rock.

Five For Fighting opened up in the main stage playing their tunes from
Scenes from America Town. You've heard Easy Tonight on the radio and on
Aware 7, but it sounds so much better when it's played live. My favorite
is Superman and FFF was kind enough to play it in their set.

Cary Pierce followed after FFF's set, playing songs from his You Are
Here disc and the newly released EP foreverything - vol. 1. His
energetic performance has to rub off on the audience, cuz I'm constantly
bouncing around to the tunes. Time to Time is sounding so good. Make
sure you give that tune a listen.

Molly's Yes took to the stage and performed a great show, getting the
audience riled up and ready for the boys of VERTICAL HORIZON. Sure
enough, the energy was there and Matt, Keith, Sean and Ed played to the
Dallas audience with exuberence. When Candyman was played, I found
myself dancing and singing along with old VH'ers on the floor. Who came
up to me and told me "they're playing this song just for me?" It was

After that ended, Matt asked Cary to come onstage and help them sing a
song. He obliged by singing the verses to Grey Sky Morning (Best I Ever
Had) and got the audience singing along, too. 

I was thrilled that Matt dedicated "The Man Who Would Be Santa" to me.
Since he wrote that song about his dad, it made it seem more special
being put into the same category as his dad. Thanks, Matt.

The show was a full set, but, it was very strange that there was no
encore. I was hoping for two or three more songs but they never came.
All in all, the night was very entertaining and I wished it could have
gone longer, but the boys had to leave at noon the next day for Las
Vegas to attend the Billboard Music Awards, then on to Detroit for their
next gig.