Webster Theater
hartford CT

 The first songs were You Say,Heart In Hand,Candyman,Send It Up
then GSM. Finding Me was not played. Also Glass Waltz was the first 
of the encore songs followed by YAG then San

You Say
Heart In Hand
Send It Up
Best I Ever Had
On The Sea
All Of You
Wash Away
We Are


Hey guys-went to the Hartford show last night.It started wicked late
> (dont know why)Sister Hazel didnt even start till I bet 9:30 to
> 10:00.They were a good opener for Vertical Horizon.I dont have an
> exact list but will do my best(got home around 3:00 a.m. and I'm in a
> fog but I wanted the footers to know they played "Glass Waltz".My
> first time ever hearing it live AWESOME song.The house was not only
> sold out -it was so packed you couldnt move.3 encores were played
> This is not an exact list
> maybe someone can help with the list
> A real good show!-worth the wait in the cold for me.Matt stepped back
> a bit (no showboating at all) and let Keith take over.It was so nice
> to see him smile and have so much fun doing a show.Eds drums seem to
> have grown since I saw them last Aug..Looks like he has some new toys
> added in.All in all one of the best shows I have seen from them-more
> like the old days 'cept in electric.I did sneak a cheap camera in and
> hope some of the pix come out and will post any worth while.(I was
> stuck behind a tall guy so they may not be any good)
> I will be back to see them in Worcester in March for sure!!!!
> Thats it for foggy headed me for now.