2.14.01 - LJVM Annex - Winston-Salem, NC

It's Only Me
All of You
Sweet Emotion tease
Finding Me
Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)
Matt Solo>Kashmir>Shackled
You're a God
Give You Back
Wash Away>Sean solo>My Favorite Things tease
You Say
Everything You Want
We Are>Extended Jam outro
Signed Sealed Delivered*
The Man Who Would Be Santa*

*w/ Sister Hazel

They played a lot of stuff off of the new CD, but at
least it wasn't the entire album this time.  That
being said, they were really on tonight and were
really enjoying themselves up there.

Some commnts...

The band unveiled a new intro on to the stage.  What
used to be the drum beat and chanting changed to a
newer more "inspriring" music.  Ed called it the
Batman intro, because there was a spotlight that had
the "VH" logo and it spun around the annex and then
rested on a huge black back drop.  It was pretty cool.

The sweet emotion tease was pretty unexpected.  They
only jammed to it and then sang the chorus.  It was
good just to see and hear something different

I'm not too sure about the new "rockier" Candyman, I
still prefer the original or Live Stages version

The crowd basically sang all of Best I Ever Had.

What can I say, Shackled gets better and better
everytime they play it.  It started out with Matt
doing his new intro where he bangs on the body and
then strums up near the head of the guitar and does a
little solo.  That was segued into a full out band jam
of Kashmir and it then quited down into just Keith
playing the opening of Shackled.  Last time I saw
them, they did Kashmire>Matt Solo>Shackled.  Matt also
incorporated some of Kashmir into the solo of

Wash Away was once again very sweet.  It was mostly
the same, but the jams were slightly different. 
Sean's solo was impressive as he started slapping his
bass strings up at the top, near the head.

The outro to We Are was really good too, but I don't
know if it was just them jamming or another small
cover/tease.  I didn't recognize it, but it sounded
good.  Also, did a couple new riffs in the song.

Both bands came out to do the encore.  For Signed,
Sealed, Delivered, Matt started the vocals, but mostly
it was Sister Hazel's two vocalist doing most of the
singing.  They had 3 guitars, 2 basses, drums, a
shaker, a tambourine, and a djembe up on stage.  It
was a crowded stage, but they were are having fun.
Sean and the bassist from Sister Hazel (sorry, don't
know his name, but does anyone else think he looks
like a skinny Bill Murray?) were trying to mess
eachother up by hitting their bass strings.  OK, it
mostly Sean doing the provoking. 

The Santa finale was good, also with Sister Hazel on
stage, but most of them just played random percussion
instruments.  It was just good to hear all of these
people singing the intro and the chorus.  Matt, once
again, almost messed up the final verse, but he caught
himself this time.

Afterwards, I got to talk to the guys.  Mostly about
random stuff.  Got Sean to sing happy birthday to my
friend who turned 22 today!  This concert was my
birthday present to her.  We tried to get Ed to sing
too, but he said he can slide out of such things
because he's the drummer.  I also talked to Ed about
the FAQ's, he was very impressed.  Matt was the last
one to show up.  They guys took a shower before coming
out, so I was joking with him and I told him we
figured he was late because he had gotten shampoo in
his eye.  He kinda' just stopped and then laughed.

I think that's about it for now...