2.17.01 Truma Marina, Atlantic City It's Only Me All of You (Sweet Emotion) Candyman Finding Me Best I Ever Had Japan Shackled (U2) You're A God Give You Back Wash Away (favorite things) You Say Everything You Want We Are Encore Miracle Send It Up Hey everyone :) So...I think two weekends straight with Matt and Keith in my life has done me some good ;) The concert was a lot of fun...very weird setting though...the stage was set up in the back of a banquet hall in the Trump Marina...I swear, I felt like I was at a high school band's show. But, anyway, Sister Hazel did a little acoustic stuff to open it up and was overall VERY good again. Unfortunately, I think VH played the same...exact...setlist. Same order and everything...have to check that, but I know I was slightly annoyed...although I shouldn't bitch because it was still a pretty good show...I saw Matt again after the show...was rather amusing...yes, it was cold, but he was dressed like the damn Unabomber :P He was the only one we saw though...by 2 a.m. we were rather tired and decided we wanted to get home by sunrise (Which we barely did, by the way...I ran over the morning paper when I got in :P)...I'm assuming they all decided to lose their money in and around the Marina. Anyways, here's the setlist... Anyone know if there's still tix for Hammerstein next weekend...might as well make it three in a row ;) D~