Ryman Theater, Nashville, TN

We Are
All of You
Heart in Hand
Sent it Up
Give You Back *with Richard Marx
Wash Away  ->  Miracle  -> Sean Solo  ->  Favorite Things  -> Wash Away
You Say
I Want You to Want Me (Cheap Trick) with Sister Hazel

Couple of comments:  You guys are NEVER going to believe who joined the boys
on stage for Give You Back -
Richard Marx.  I nearly died.  Didn't quite know what to think about that.
He had on jeans so tight it left nothing to the imagination.  And he was
really really a horribly cheesy performer.  Everyone in the audience was
laughing, unfortunately.  However, he sounded GREAT on the backup vocals,
and he also solo'd the ending verses.  The sad thing was that half the
audience didn't know who he was - they weren't born yet when Mr. Marx was
big.  Anyway, that was big entertainment.  Everything else was fairly a
normal VH show, except that Sean was backing Keith on Wash Away and I don't
like that much.  My favorite part of the evening was the last song, with
Sister Hazel.  I was expecting Finding Me to be it, since they hadn't played
it yet and I thought it was a pretty "staple" song for their show, but they
did the Cheap Trick cover and it was absolutely incredible.  I loved it.
Overall, a really great show.  All of the new fans around me kept asking me
what the old songs were and what CD's they were on.  I asked them all to
please go buy Live Stages.  The crowd was about half kids and half older
fans, which is good.  I even saw Gary Chapman (Amy Grant's former husband)
there with his new wife.  That was pretty cool cause in Nashville, he's a
pretty big name and he has a spectacular voice.  Well, that's about all I
have to say about the show.  It was really cool to be in the Ryman too.
Everyone have a great Sunday!