April 2, 2001 
House of Blues in West Hollywood. 

'Batman' intro 
Heart in Hand 
You're a God 
All of You / Sweet Emotion interlude 
Best I Ever Had 
There and Back Again 
Send It Up 
Wash Away 
You Say 
Everything you Want 

Beautiful Day (cover of U2 song) 
We Are 

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My friend taped the show, and I am currently in the process of making copies for my friends who also went to this show with me.  I couldn't check out your list of other bootlegs - the link doesn't work.  Can you give me a direct URL or something?  I would be interested in trading for some stuff - Vertical Horizon or otherwise.  I also have other "bootleg" cds of Dave Matthews Band, Everclear, Garbage, Live, Save Ferris, Tool, 311, Veruca Salt and a couple other bands.  I'm working on getting my list together, so just let me know if you're interested in trading some stuff.

Take care.