Warfield Theater - San Francisco

Batman Intro (very cool looking)
It's Only Me
You're A God
Candyman (new)
All of You -> Sweet Emotion
Grey Sky Morning
drum intro -> Give You Back
On the Sea -> song I didn't know (a few lyrics below) -> Miracle -> On the Sea
Send It Up (Matt broke a string, had to get a replacement guitar in the middle of the song)
Wash Away -> Favorite Things (8-10 minutes)
You Say (with a funny stop in the middle of the song for a measure or two, sounded pretty neat)
Everything You Want 

e: Beautiful Day
We Are 

Ok, and now some of the lyrics to the song that Matt sang during OTS: something along the lines of "see your face again, feel your touch again, kiss your mouth again" . . . very pretty. 

Other thoughts about the concert - I was surprised how much backup singing Sean did on Keith's songs. Most of them were Sean singing backup, and Matt just playing guitar. 

I can't think of anything else to add right now, but I'm sure that other people will have some input.

My major disappointments: no Santa - this is the 4th time I've seen them, and I have yet to see them play that!  Argh!  Also, I would rather have seen Message in a Bottle than Miracle with On the Sea, but at least Matt played it clean and without distortion, but there was no acoustic in sight for him.  Too bad.  I wish that they had played more old songs, I would have loved to hear Heart in Hand, but it was a nice surprise hearing It's Only Me as the opener.

With that, I am going to bed, as I have class today, in way too few hours :)  Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Sister Hazel's Setlist
Give In
Thank You (7 Bridges Intro)
Beautiful Thing
Strange Cup of Tea
Change Your Mind
Champagne High
Every Little Thing
Just Remember
(tease) Leaving on a Jet Plane (not on setlist)
All For You 

They had some mic problems during a few of the songs, and had a girl named Lisa come out and sing with them on Champagne High.