5-1-01 Albion College, MI Opening Band Amory Everything You Want Send it Up On The Sea You're A God Best I Ever Had We Are Wash Away Candyman Heart In Hand Footprints In The Snow You Say All of You Shackled Finding Me Miracle Give You Back I don't remember the order, but they played: Take care, Lindsay To all those who no longer enjoy VH live... Are you crazy????!!!! I just saw the BEST show from VH on Tuesday night. It was at a tiny college in a gym no less. The crowd was fabulous, the opening band was fabulous, and I am sorry but "Candy Man-The Electric Version" is completely KICK ASS!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to catch these guys again this summer. They are without a doubt one of the finest live acts today. High energy, great participation with the crowd and an excellent mix of new and old songs!!! I briefly chatted with Sean, who I had met before. Talk about a flirtatious "ladies man!" He had all the women around him. So funny!