Williams Woods College - MO

    Kashmir-> Fragments 
    Everything You Want 
    You're a God 
    Answer Me 
    Glass Waltz 
    Fast Car-> Wash Away-> Fast Car-> Great Divide-> Wash Away 
    On the Sea-> Message in a Bottle 
    Unchosen Oner 
    Walking on the Moon-> Watchtower 
    Life in the City 
    Millworker (regular  James Taylor version) 
    Send it Up 
    Promise of Tomorrow 
    We Are 
    Die for You (Prince)-> 
    Heart in Hand 
    Sunrays and Saturdays 
    Encore 2: 
    Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For-> 
    Falling Down-> 
    Surrender (U2)-> SHFWILF-> 
    Falling Down 

goood morning! 
    last night rocked. i was very depressed that the show was not taped but 
    there were only about 30 people that new the music. some sorority at 
    william woods contacted the band and got them to go play there, so thats 
    why they were playing in the middle of MO. There was no stage, only foot 
    high bariers surrounding the equpment and the band. so i was literally a 
    step away from matt and keith all night. 
    They were going to play Santa to close but the bar cut them off because 
    they were closing. it was st. patty's day and they damn bar closed at 1! 
    the show was nothing short of unbelievable. i thought the boys would be 
    depressed on playing a gig where only 30 people new them. instead they 
    were excited as all hell that 30 people came to the middle of MO to see 
    them.Kasmir was an awesome opening. first couple of songs were standard. 
    Candy Man was a funky version. They jammed on Answer Me for almost ten 
    minutes. it was an awesome version. i was really psyched to see that one 
    live. i think it's their most underated song. FC-> WA-> GD medley was new 
    as far as i know. i had seen the fast car  wash away on set lists but not 
    with GD. it was amazing awesome. On the Sea led into Message in a Bottle 
    to add a little twist to that old medley. Millworker was awesome. Keith 
    sang it. it was the first time i heard of them playing the actual version. 
    Send it Up is back to it original form(almost). the first time matt sings 
    send it up he drags out the send. but its pretty much back that way for 
    the new album. We Are started ot really slow. (think of the refgrain as a 
    slow song). the prince intro really worked well into heart and hand. The 
    new falling down medley rocked. it was a great end to the show. although i 
    really wish they would have been able to play santa. anyway i'll report 
    back tonight after the show