1.  Finding Me 
2. Youre A God 
3. Shackled(keith introduced it as his mothers least favorite song) 
4. Japan
5. Come together(completely spontaneous, matt
started playing it as joke and then sean joined in and they ended up doing
the entire song, really cool) 
6. On the sea(amazing version, crowd sang "lay
me, lay me down"  
7.  EYW 
8.  Send it Up(Matt got the crowd to sing along)
9.  Wash Away(favorite things tease)  
10.  Santa  
11. We Are
No encore.  
It lasted about 70 minutes.

 Heart in hand was on the setlist,
but they ran out of time.  Santa was supposed to be the encore, but they
realized that they were running out of time and put it in Hearts place in
the  set instead.
submitted by tim gerges 


7-25-99 Webster Theater Underground
  Finding Me
  You're a God
  Come Together
  Everything You Want
  Send It Up
  We Are

I am pretty sure that it is the top one - josh