9:30 club Washington DC

Just now getting back from the show tonight at the
9:30 Club in DC. The setlist was great. The guys had
two encores tonight and throughly tried getting the
crowd into the songs. They said that this was the
biggest crowd they had played for before in DC and the
place looked like it had sold out.
Here is the setlist from my best knowledge and what
their's said also. I didn't see any tapers for this show.
The band's setlist      Actual Setlist I think
1. Heart                1. Heart ->
2. God                  2. God
3. Japan                3. Japan
4. Sea                  4. Sea -> Little Drummer Boy-> Sea
5. You Say              5. You Say
6. Best                 6. Best
7. Shackled             7. Shackled
8. Glass                8. Glass
9. Send                 9. Send
10. Wash                10. Extended Intro?? -> Wash->Shawn Solo -> 
                          These are my favorite things ->
11. EYW                11. EYW
12. We Are              12. We Are (unusual intromaybe??)
Encore:                 1st Encore
13. Finding             13. Finding
14. Famous              14. Drums -> 
Famous                   2nd Encore
                        15. Santa

The show was a great one with the crowd definetly into
the act. I stuck around for about 20 minutes after the
show but the band members were still in their dressing
rooms. So nothing more can be said from their
perspective on the show. The opening act was five way
friday. A very good band and I talked a bit with the
lead singer afterwards. They are coming out with
another CD here in February and would be a good band
to check out some time. Any other questions just email
and I have about 20 pictures from the show. Cheers
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