Ziggy's 12.28.1999
Well, this'll be a short one... mike corrado opened... ran about 1:12 or so.
vh played:
you're a god
on the sea ( matt acoustic ), with tease of "little drummer boy"
best i ever had(grey sky morning)
all of you
life in the city (matt acoustic)
glass waltz
send it up
everything you want
wash away with the requisite my favorite things tease
we are
heart in hand

encore2:the man who would be santa

ran about 100 minutes on the nose..
crowd was very so-so... youngish [ ie, saw more 21-ers than 21+ers ], and most
of whom knew the two radio singles, and not much else... even on the sea was
pretty weakly sung by the crowd... that said, it wasn't a BAD crowd... and not
nearly as chatty as some vh crowds can be...
hopefully tomorrow will be better.... will foy