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VH boots

 07/??/94  Grog & Tankard's                     90m
05/04/95 Samford University                   45m 
09/13/95 Wetlands - NYC                       90m
11/08/95 The White Rabbit - Austin TX         90m  SBD  1  B+
01/06/96 Taft School, Watertown, CT           90m
02/15/96 The Brewery - Raleigh NC             90m  SBD  1  B+
03/28/96 Guilford College - Greensboro NC     90m  SBD     A
04/12/97 Wake Forest U. -Winston Salem, NC   110m  
10/11/97 Birmingham, AL                      110m              
12/26/97 Paradise - Boston                    70m          A  Avaiable on cd 
10/09/98 Ziggy's - Winston-Salem             110m  SBD? 1  A
10/19/98 Cat's Cradle - Chapel Hill          110m  SBD? 1  A  
03/28/99 Backdoor - St. Louis, MO            74m   *available on cd
04/28/99 Ziggy's - Winston- Salem            110m          A  Available on 2 cd
06/23/99 Cotton Club - Atlanta, GA           110m    
08/28/99 Virgina Beach - Va                  75m   SBD     A  Available on CD

I will grade the shows myself, all without grades were told to
me as being high quality

I am willing to trade for the following bands
Pat McGee Band
Vertical Horizon
Big Head Todd and the Monsters

you can make an offer and I will likely accept it.

I have many other bands that I would be willing to trade for VH.  
To get to the rest of

my shows.

My rules for tape trading are basic, dont send cases but send 
setlists if they are not available over the net.  any other
questions please  email me