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Vertical_Horizon : Sean: Thanks for joining us here! I'm very excited to talk
to people and I'm pleased to have a little conversation.

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Dish_Diva : M_BLUE_97 Asks: What is your guys favorite songs?

Vertical_Horizon : M Blue, my 3 favorite new songs are Sting, Desert Rose
another is Jeff Buckley, Last Goodbye

Dish_Diva : tavrick Asks: I wanted to ask the band if the songs from the new
CD had any religious meaning, particularly "Everything you want"

Vertical_Horizon : and I Belong to you by Lenny Cravitz

Vertical_Horizon : Tavrick, no.

Vertical_Horizon : The song was written by Matt and I've heard him tell the
story and it's mainly a relationship story of frustration. From a man to a
woman but without any specific person in mind.

Vertical_Horizon : We encourage people to get their own meaning from songs
and that's the beauty of songs.

Vertical_Horizon : We don't want to say no to anybody but there wasn't a
religious meaning in the writing of the song.

Dish_Diva : Michelle34 Asks: How did you come up with the name?

Vertical_Horizon : Michelle, Keith came up with it on the spot when he and
Matt were a duo and needed a name.

Vertical_Horizon : There's no sugnificance to the name and Matt and Keith
always planned on changing it but the name just stuck.

Dish_Diva : cooldude Asks: I was wondering, where did you guys first meet?

Vertical_Horizon : Cooldude, Matt and Keith met in Georgtown in DC and Ed
joined the band from Boston and so did I (Sean)

Dish_Diva : "dumb ~ brunette" Asks: How do you guys choose which songs yer
going to keep on the CD?

Vertical_Horizon : Brunette, it's a democratic process.

Vertical_Horizon : We get together with about 20 songs to listen to and play
and as a group we decide which ones we like the best.

Vertical_Horizon : and the ones that don't make it go into a reserve tank
that we might pull from for other albums.

Dish_Diva : SeansGreenKazoo Asks: Who are your main influences?

Vertical_Horizon : GreenKazoo, I'll just speak for myself (Sean) I started
playing when I was 11 so there's been a few standouts.

Vertical_Horizon : I'll start with ACDC, then the Beatles, Rush, Jaco

Vertical_Horizon : then M'shell (she's a cool base player)

Vertical_Horizon : and there's a lot of bands that I like now ever since the
90s hit.

Ask_VerticalH whispers to VeRtHorZnPmB:  Message received! Thanks for coming

Vertical_Horizon : eveyone from Nirvana and Pearl Jam to James Brown and Maceo

Vertical_Horizon : Sting, the list could go on and on.

Dish_Diva : VeRtHorZnPmB Asks: When was the last time you guys played,
"Promise of Tomorrow?"

Vertical_Horizon : PmB, I don't think it was that long ago, it's been a
rarity in the set but we probably played it 3 months ago.

Vertical_Horizon : we haven't played it and we probably won't play it for a

Dish_Diva : Funky_D Asks: What will be the next single released off the

Vertical_Horizon : Funky, You're a God.

Vertical_Horizon : We're planning on making a video for that at the end of
the month but it is yet to be released.

Dish_Diva : britany says: I Love your music. Are you guys going to tour

Vertical_Horizon : Britany, Yes. I think it's in May that we have some dates
scheduled for a few places in Canada

Dish_Diva : Love Vertical Horizon? Check out their site

Vertical_Horizon : You should keep checking the website to make sure.

Dish_Diva : Luchy Asks: What are you planning to do when you are done with
your current tour?

Vertical_Horizon : Luchy, well we're going to be touring for the next 15
months and we get little breaks in between.

Vertical_Horizon : The tours tend to last about 6 weeks and we all go to our
homes on these breaks

Vertical_Horizon : and try to just have fun and see movies.

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Vertical_Horizon : at the end of the 15 months, the end of the real huge tour
we will probably take a lot of time off and visit our families and make sure
people remember who we are.

Dish_Diva : floating09 Asks: Did they made their own logo or if they hired
someone to do it?

Vertical_Horizon : Floating, we had a company named Smog design it.

Vertical_Horizon : We did see a bunch of things and they had the coolest
design and it's something we were particular about.

Vertical_Horizon : We had a hand in it, but they are the experts.

Vertical_Horizon : It's like Kellogs Rasin Bran, you gotta have it.

Dish_Diva : TOMBS Asks: i've been a fan ever since G' diffenent
is life now for you?

Vertical_Horizon : Tombs, in a lot of ways it's the same.

Vertical_Horizon : A few of the differences are that we now travel on a bus
and we're extremely busy and we have many more obligations.

Vertical_Horizon : Now when we come into a town, more than just friends of
our parents want to see us and talk to us.

Vertical_Horizon : Things like chart position and album sales figures seem to
be something that just don't really effect us.

Vertical_Horizon : Other than there are more people at the shows, which is
really good.

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Dish_Diva : Juiceyfruit says: Where are you guys performing tonight?

Vertical_Horizon : Juicyfruit, we are in Troy Alabama.

Vertical_Horizon : Check a map because I don't know where we are exactly.

Vertical_Horizon : We're playing outdoors at a college here in Troy.

Dish_Diva : Firestorm Asks: Who came up with the video concept and if it was
you guys, what was your inspiration? I saw Newton's 2nd law of physics in

Vertical_Horizon : Firestorm, we had a director Clark Eddy and it was his
general idea and the 4 band guys added little elements

Vertical_Horizon : Such as the text on the screen and the alter ego, Matt.

Vertical_Horizon : There was a lot of talking, every decision we make tends
to be democratic and so it was with the video.

Vertical_Horizon : I tried to get a recipe for Baked Tofu but they wouldn't
go for it.

Dish_Diva : kappakeeper says: What is your favorite place to play?

Vertical_Horizon : Kappakeeper, first one is Chicago House of Blues and
Vertical_Horizon : playing anywhere in Boston is cool because it's like home.
Vertical_Horizon : And DC is really cool, 9:30 is a really great club.

Dish_Diva : DMBand Asks: How did Carter Beauford help you guys on the new

Vertical_Horizon : DMBand, he wasn't involved in the making of the new album.
Vertical_Horizon : He preformed on the second record Running on Ice.
Vertical_Horizon : but he's a friend and we actually saw him working with
Santana while we were mixing our record in NYC.

Dish_Diva : I listen says: Who are you guys on tour with?

Vertical_Horizon : I Listen, We're headlining a lot of our own shows over the
next 5 weeks.
Vertical_Horizon : Some of the bands we are playing with are Mars Electric,
Angry Salad, Splender
Vertical_Horizon : The next tour after this one we'll be playing with some
big bands, so stay tuned since we are deciding over the next few days who we
will be playing with.

Dish_Diva : VH2000 says: Hey guys, where did u get the inspiration to write
"Falling Down"?

Vertical_Horizon : VH, That's a song that Matt wrote although his wife wrote
the lyrics to that song.
Vertical_Horizon : So we'll have to ask her sometime.
Vertical_Horizon : I like it too.

Dish_Diva : MissyJ_1vhfan Asks: My question is to Sean, As the youngest
member of the group do you sometimes get teased or picked on??

Vertical_Horizon : Missy, not anymore than anybody else.
Vertical_Horizon : I've had as much or more experience playing as the other
Vertical_Horizon : So we don't get into age related teasing, but there's
teasing going on from everyone.
Vertical_Horizon : It's just good brotherly love.
Vertical_Horizon : I've just glad someone cares.

Dish_Diva : warm_angel says: Hi guys. Love the website. Do you surf the web?

Vertical_Horizon : Warm Angel, it's harder and harder these days because
we're always on the go, but we get out there sometimes and if we keep doing
well we're all going to buy laptops so look out.

Dish_Diva : VH KK ET SH MS says: Who is the woman on the cover of "Everything
You Want"?

Vertical_Horizon : VH, that's an old 50's photo I believe by Bunny Yeager
that was on the cover. The same photographer that did pics for playboy and
this was one of the many photos in the arsonal and this was brought to us.
Vertical_Horizon : We found a way to color it up a bit and make it into a
cool album cover.

Dish_Diva : VH_wannbe says: How would you describe your music?

Vertical_Horizon : VH Wannbe, that's a tricky thing to do.
Vertical_Horizon : It's very song oriented rock and at times we change our
dinamics and it becomes less rock at times.
Vertical_Horizon : At the core is our commitment to songs so call it what you

Dish_Diva : VertHorizon05 says: I think your music is awesome, do you write
it all yourself?

Vertical_Horizon : Vert, we do write all our own music and all our own
lyrics, we're an organic band.

Dish_Diva : Funky_D Asks: Are you guys constantly writting new material, or
do you set aside special "creativity time" or something?

Vertical_Horizon : Funky, we're always on the lookout for an idea because
it's hard to plan when it will be free flowing.
Vertical_Horizon : But we also set aside time when we're not in the hustle
and bussle of traveling.

Dish_Diva : VhFan24 Asks: Is there any chance of hearing Miracle live?-I
heard you guys dont like the song

Vertical_Horizon : It's usually when it's quiet you can hear the little ideas.
Vertical_Horizon : VhFan, we love the song!
Vertical_Horizon : that's why we put it on the record,
Vertical_Horizon : we'll probably do it in the future, but we wanted to
ogment our live show with some electroic things that would aid in it's
Vertical_Horizon : So it's probably a few months away.

Dish_Diva : vh-addict Asks: do you have official openers or closers?

Vertical_Horizon : vh adict, no, but we're creatures of habit so we have some
consistant couple to pick from.
Vertical_Horizon : One lately is Heart in Hand and also Finding Me.
Vertical_Horizon : For closers that varies, but we often end the main set
with We Are.
Vertical_Horizon : and often the Man who Would be Santa is and oncore song.

Dish_Diva : Ryanne Asks: Sean, great job on the Tonight Show!  What was that
experience like and how did you manage to fit it into your crazy tour

Vertical_Horizon : Ryanne, it was a very exciting and intense experience.
Vertical_Horizon : it's hard to try to be perfect for 3 mintues live.
Vertical_Horizon : we actually flew from Philly to LA to do it and we flew
right back to do a gig the next day.
Vertical_Horizon : We were all a little nervous and excited but we got to
meet Jay Leno and Howard Stern.
Vertical_Horizon : Everyone was nice and it helped to calm our nerves.

Dish_Diva : Josh8596 says: where did you guys come up with the basic premise
for the song "Japan"?

Vertical_Horizon : Josh, that's a Keith song. He actually was in Japan and he
was the guy he's singing about in the song.
Vertical_Horizon : He was very frustrated and alone in Japan and wanted very
much to go home.
Dish_Diva : lubs12 Asks: How come you went from acoustic to harder rock in
"everything you want"?
Vertical_Horizon : He was a Japanese major at Georgetown. So it's all about

Vertical_Horizon : lubs, it's been a gradual progression.
Vertical_Horizon : It was a natural urning for everyone in the band to want
to evolve in that direction.
Vertical_Horizon : Matt had never been in an acoustic band and it was great
for him to get back to his roots
Vertical_Horizon : and over the years through several albums the band
developed through live shows, which is what it is now for Everything you
Want, and it will continue to evolve.

Dish_Diva : shackled Asks: Do you often times sit back and think 'Wow, to
think this all started at an undergrad party at Georgetown."?

Vertical_Horizon : Shackled, definatly.
Vertical_Horizon : this is somthing that you cann't dream to have happen that
our childhood dreams are coming trued.
Vertical_Horizon : And you're to thank for it!

Dish_Diva : crazy_for_U says: Hi Sean! What is the craziest thing a fan has
done to meet you?

Vertical_Horizon : Crazy, people are very respectful so no one has done
anything to crazy.
Vertical_Horizon : We have met a lot of excited people and sometimes it's
wild to meet someone who is shaking.
Vertical_Horizon : People have been really respectful and we haven't had
anything to crazy happen.

Dish_Diva : Sean, now it's time for Five on Live!

Dish_Diva : first thing you do before you got to bed?

Vertical_Horizon : brush my teeth.

Dish_Diva : if you had to carry your favorite things in a backpack, what
would they be?
Vertical_Horizon : CD player, cell phone, rasin bran, fresh Samantha Juice.

Dish_Diva : Nickname from high school?

Vertical_Horizon : Hurls

Dish_Diva : I'm not gonna ask.

Dish_Diva : What is in your CD player right now?

Dish_Diva : On a desert Island, the one thing you need to have with you?

Vertical_Horizon : Lenny Kravitz, Five.

Vertical_Horizon : Food.

Dish_Diva : Guys, it's great to have you here tonight!
Dish_Diva : Best of luck with your tour.

Vertical_Horizon : Thanks for tuning in and we're getting some new additions
to add to the website and we have a digital camera with us now.
Vertical_Horizon : Thanks for being supportive.

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