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The story goes a little something like this. We are at
Ziggy's in Winston-Salem and we are about 6 rows of 
people back and some huge dude is in the way of me and
a lady friend that I made.  So I really cant see and I
am barking about it to some drunks for Wake Forest (aren't
they all). I tell the girl to push up front.  so i say 
lift me up so that I can get a better view.  Well they
did and I went surfing right past everyone to the fourth 
row. The photogapher for Live Stages was there and started
taking some photos, i thought that i was goingt to make 
the inside cover.  So I go up again and land my self in 
the second row.  Well everybody though that it would be
could to follow my lead. so a few more poeple go up, I 
was all pround until Ed Toth, got on mike and said okay 
people lets stop doing this, someone will get hurt. and
that is my story, oh yeah i caught my girlfried in bed 
with my roommate when i got home.
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